EudaMed Scan – Mobile App

Validate your selected medical device exists in EUDAMED by searching EUDAMED using our phone app, EudaMed Scan. This scans the human-readable text on a label or on a screen. You place the search string in the mobile app view window and click search to view the device data that exists in EUDAMED.

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EudaMed Scan – Mobile App

EUDAMED is the European Commission’s medical device database. EudaMed Scan reads UDI DI’s or human-readable text from medical device labels and searches EUDAMED for the specific device. All medical devices on sale in Europe must be registered in EUDAMED following some transition periods. This app is available for both Apple and Android mobiles, iPads, etc.

How EudaMed Scan works

There are four possible code types used in EUDAMED. This app does not scan the barcode it scans the human-readable code under or near the barcode.

To scan – Click the scan button and position the scan window over the text to search EUDAMED. You scan the human-readable string on a medical device label OR search using an individual UDI DI on screen/paper. Make sure you get the start of the label string which has the following characters to signify the start, (01), +, =/, or (9N). When the search text is highlighted click the Seach button.

Edit Code – If no results were found for your search string you can edit the search value and try again. Sometimes additional characters are added from the scan window. If the scanned code includes some additional characters other than the search formats below, please click on ‘Edit Code’ after searching then delete the excess characters, click enter or done on your mobile keyboard to rerun the search.















Search Formats: Searchable codes start with (01), +, =/, or (9N)

The examples below show what may be printed on the label, in some cases, only the UDI DI will be displayed others will have the longer strings. The section below highlighted in bold is the UDI DI, this is the section that EudaMed Scan uses to search EUDAMED for the specific medical device.

  1. (01)51022222233336(11)141231(17)150707

Searches for 51022222233336

  1. +H123PARTNO12345670120/$$420020LOT1

Searches for +H123PARTNO12345670120

  1. =/A99XYZ100T0944=,0025= >012=}032&,1XYZ123

Searches for A99XYZ100T0944

  1. (9N)111234567842(1T)ABC12345(D)241231

Searches for 111234567842

To get the correct code place the phone close to the label code or the code on the screen or paper, and, if it exists, make sure the prefix mentioned above is included in the view screen, you may need to adjust the phone to pick up the correct code and then click on the ‘Search for’ button. If you don’t get the correct code don’t worry you can edit the search term after clicking on the Search button.

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