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We provide software options to help you prepare and submit your UDI data to EUDAMED. Using our software, your costs reduce, no large upfront IT investment, no headaches regarding how this system works, we look after this for you.

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EUDAMED Software Options

EudaMed+ and EudaMed SaaS infographic overview.

We have software to help you, EudaMed+ and EudaMed Saas. Both systems convert, validate, and upload your data to EUDAMED. EudaMed SaaS is in the cloud and you upload your data to the system. EudaMed+ is hosted on your servers or we can provide you with a fully managed hosted service, this is exactly as it sounds – a complete service for your EUDAMED data management. Both systems include support, validation, processing, conversion, and last-mile delivery to the European Commissions EUDAMED.

For you, we manage the complete data processing, conversion to the European Commissions’s required XML formats, the data validation ensuring your data not only meets the XSD rules but also that it meets the extensive business rules. After passing all the validation criteria, we will upload your UDI data to EUDAMED.

We can help you at every point of this process from training to support, data preparation and processing, validation of the XML, consultancy, and uploads to the EUDAMED.

We can provide you with as much assistance as you need. Eudamed is our business. Let our expertise solve your EUDAMED problems.

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