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Audience: RA’s, QA’s, IT, Management, MDR & IVDR Consultants, and people interested in EUDAMED.

Our exclusive “EUDAMED Registration” training teaches you all you need to know about registering your company in EUDAMED. The training covers the initial registration, the versions of your company data, the management of your PRRCs, company details, and EUDAMED module-specific notification email addresses, covering all management screens. The full user management is covered including how prospective users request access to the various modules, the available roles, and how you can request additional roles after your initial role approval.

Full explanations of the various user roles and what you need to do to ensure you and your team can manage your UDI/Devices. EUDAMED User Management is a big part of actor registration something you cannot avoid, we explain it all to you.

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  • Gratitude for building such a knowledgeable and even delightful platform. I look forward to providing insights once such a moment manifests itself! Thank you once more for making the site available towards worldwide community!

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