Eudamed Training Dates

We are offering you exclusive Eudamed training, covering the latest MDR, IVDR, MDD, IVDD, and AIMDD EUDAMED requirements. The exclusivity and quality of our training are based on our direct involvement with the development of EUDAMED while our CEO was working with the European Commission. No other company can claim or offer such experience or insights into EUDAMED.

Reduce your costs and your teams steep learning curve, reserve places on our specialised training courses.

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Save six+ weeks of research, gain the required EUDAMED knowledge in two half days.
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Preparation for EUDAMED – Our Eudamed training courses are split over two half-day. Available Training agenda.

Audience: RA’s, QA’s, IT, Management, MDR/IVDR Consultants, and EUDAMED interested people.

Date Location Comment Time
Any day. Self-paced Video Self-paced training, you decide when you want and have the time to prepare for EUDAMED. 9 instructional videos. 3 months unlimited subscriber access. Any Time Book Now
28th/29th September 2021 Live Online EUDAMED device module is live 13:30 BST Book Now
23rd/24th November 2021 Live Online The last training session in 2021 13:30 GMT Book Now

If our dates for scheduled events do not suit you, why not try our self-paced training where you control when and where you do your Eudamed training, 9 instructional videos with unlimited subscriber access for 3 months. Or contact to schedule a private in-house training event.

We are now accepting applications to licence our training courses, to both manufacturers and training companies, our full training programme is available to selected partners, contact if you are interested in finding out more.

Previous participants have said…

Didrik Rosén, Sweden
Thank you Richard Houlihan for a very interesting and comprehensive MDR & IVDR EUDAMED training. This training has given me a greater understanding and knowledge of MDR & IVDR EUDAMED and what a great work effort this will be for many companies.

If you work with this or need / want more knowledge about MDR & IVDR EUDAMED, I encourage you to take part of Richard’s knowledge, which he shares through his training. It can save you a lot of hassle, time and money!

Barbara Boyce, Regulatory Affairs Specialist, Trudell Medical International (TMI)
I’m excited to share that I’ve completed the EUDAMED training with Richard Houlihan at The two half day sessions were packed with key information, presented at a good pace, with lots of time for questions and terrific insights. I highly recommend this course!
Barbara Rinaldi, Director of Quality Assurance at Tepha, Inc.
Hi! I was in that training (a private training session) it was extremely useful, and Richard is a terrific instructor! The information provided was extensive and will help us understand and work with the Eudamed database. Richard- thank you again for a thorough training and for answering our many questions.

Agnieszka, Germany: Very informative and great delivery – thanks Florian, Switzerland: I liked this training. Clear, there is an advantage to learn directly from Richard, who has great experience from his work to build the Eudamed.

Aurélie, Switzerland: It was really helpful. Now I have a full picture of what awaits us in term of quantity and quality of data, organization and skills required. We will be fully prepared when Eudamed goes online! Thank you, Richard, for all the information you shared!

Jana, Switzerland: Thanks a lot for the really useful and important training. It is definitely one I’ll remember, as it really provided insights about the database structure and requirements as well as useful tips. Role modelling! Tx again & keep in touch!

Andreas, Switzerland: Thank you for the great training and the insights into EUDAMED. This was very helpful.

Luca, Germany: Participated in the EUDAMED.COM online training course. I highly recommend it for all RA and QA professionals who wish to understand the complexities and dependencies of the Eudamed database. You’ll receive up-to-date information and a lot of helpful advice on the implementation within your QM system and IT environment. Thank you.

Holger, Germany: Thank you, Richard Houlihan, for your very interesting and technical detailed training about all features of the upcoming Eudamed database. Richard gave us a deep view inside data structure, XML, their XSDs, requirements, but hurdles and hidden secrets from behind the curtain too. Thank you again for this very productive and fruitful day in Brussels.

Frank, Sweden: Thank you for an interesting day and a very well performed presentation.

Nono, Portugal: Thanks for the good day of training.

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